Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Witches of HC

Halloween Fun at HC
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It's been awhile....I know.

I am feeling a wee bit disconnected for some reason - it's that time of year for open enrollment and this was the first time that I realized the seriousness of my condition.

You see - I have a pituitary tumor. Found two years ago. The doctor made it seem minor. "Take this drug it will curb the headaches and the additional side effects."

It did.

It appears that companies are going with a most consumer-based insurance option. For many people - including myself - this could very well save money. Unless you take a drug that is used to treat an unusual condition. I have to take this drug. There is no alternative.

It isn't covered as a chronic drug to get assistance through insurance. When I called to find out how much it costs - they hadn't heard of it. I had to spell it, explain it, talk about my condition.

It was their response that made me realize that this is a little more serious than I ever considered. Guess I hadn't thought about it. To be honest it made me angry that I don't have any other options.

So I guess that's where I have been. Pissed off.

Halloween was a nice change - got all gussied up and gave blood. Helped someone else that is worse off than I am.

I hope to get out of this 'funk' soon.

I promise to be back soon.