Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Southern Memories

Although a little blurry - this is a photo taken when I spent some time in South Carolina on business a few years ago.

It's a giant Peach (in case you couldn't tell)

I visited with my friend "E" today, he took me out to dinner (where I received a lesson on the difference between Broasted, fried and deep fried chicken.) Little did I know Iowans take such pride in their cooking fat! "E" reminds me often I am so Yankee!

As we sat and enjoyed our broasted chicken we chatted about southern food. I was reminded of the 6 weeks I spend in Duncan, SC. It wasn't until working in the south that I realized the true difference between the northern and southern states. I had visted other states before, but hadn't spent this much time working in another area.

When I moved to Iowa, I noticed a pretty big difference in the work ethic, and the pace that people worked, but other than that, people were similar....just a little nicer than NW Indiana.

South Carolina was a TOTAL change in what I was used to.

While working in Duncan, my main job was to hire employees for a facility we staffed. I was not prepared for the different culture of the area.

People called me maame.
There were people that looked at the table when answering questions (like I was "above" them)
They ate their peanuts BOILED (which I didn't care for)
They ate their pickles fried (which I actually miss)
They had fried pig skin (or fat, can't remember - but it was gross)
They put coleslaw on their BBQ (which I still do to this day)
And the smell of Magnolia still makes me think of those HOT spring days.

Some people have the opportunity to be world travelers. I have been to the Caribbean when I was younger- but I have found that it's a different world just a few states south!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I am a slacker....

It's official.

I am a slacker.

The Relay for Life is next week (June 16 and 17) and although I got 8 different mascots, 2 Police Departments and the Fire Deparment to volunteer their time to this worthy cause; I have only raised $20 (thank you SO much Zilla and Mama Chep!) I am just not good at asking for money.

I have also failed to clean my house for the 2nd weekend in a row.

The shed needs to be painted (although I must admit the rain helped with that)

I DID however do laundry and my friend E did clip the dog.

Maybe next week will be a little more productive....and hopefully a little more profitable for the Relay for Life!