Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Years Eve Hook-up of Mr. and Mrs. Chep

Eight years ago on New Years Eve I was "reaquainted" with Mr. Chep. Here's the story of how it happened....

It started back in NWIN when I worked for the parks department. I had moved into the on site apartment a few months prior - and my best friend from high school "Fucko" (you may have read about him in Kelscraggly's post "Take The Good Things From Every Relationship") had just gotten divorced and needed a place to stay - he moved the night before.

Being young - in a crappy apartment that was not my own - we decided to throw a party. All we needed now was guests.

Fucko called his friend in Indianapolis, I called our friends H & M and since my sister (K) was home from BSU for Christmas break I called her. She said she would think about it and let me know later. (She's a social butterfly - she had options unlike my created one!)

According to Mr. Chep - K called him up and asked him if he wanted to go to a bar. Mr. Chep (being the honest and logical person that he is) said:

  • Mr. C: I can't K - you know I'm not 21 until May
  • K: But I know the bouncer I can get us in!
  • Mr. C: I don't want to take that chance - you have any other ideas?
  • K: My sister is having a party at her new apartment.
  • Mr. C: That sounds like fun - I'll even drive.
  • K: OK
Fucko and I had purchased 3 cases of beer and made several dozen jello shots.
The next morning it was all gone (minus the cube tray full of jello shots made sometime during the night)

The events of the night are fuzzy. Even to this day. There are a few things I DO remember.

  1. My sister asked everyone "Are you a cop?" (Wee bit paranoid I'd say)
  2. I dumped Jell-o shots down Mr. Chep's back onto his favorite Hard Rock t-shirt (he still has it)
  3. Mr. Chep and I discussed me coming down to West Lafayette to visit Wolf Park when it got nice.
  4. I gave Mr. Chep my number and e-mail that night.
  5. I vaguely recall kissing Mr. Chep at midnight.

The rest is still fuzzy. We all woke up and felt the after effects of the beer. (I had one bathroom - Green Apple candles will never smell the same again)

A, Mr. Chep, K, Mrs. Chep, Mimi & Heath - not the best photo - but fun to share!

**If you look closely we had a 27" TV on top of a retro 25" console TV. NOPE not a redneck - the console actuallty worked!**

Then we all went and had pancakes.

What happens next you ask? Tune in - it will follow the actual timeline - so look for the next installment sometime later this month!

Have a Happy New Year!

For Zilla

I promised you my mom's trees when I got back - so here they are!

Friday, December 30, 2005

My Favorite Christmas Photos

This is my mother-in-law and Pepper - aren't they cute??

My sister and Pepper wearing the hat she gave her (dog isn't very happy)

Scuba Santa at the Newport, KY Aquarium

Weird Habits

I've been tagged by Kelscraggly!

Ground Rules: The first player of this game posts his or her 5 Weird Habits, then chooses 5 people to tag by listing their names at the end.

Weird Habit Number 1: I NEVER use flesh colored bandaids. It grosses me out. I am probably the only 31 year old human out there that would rather wear a Daffy Duck bandaid then one that matches my own skin. It irritates my husband because I don't allow him to wear them either. (He uses liquid bandaid or Duct Tape bandaids - makes him feel all manly)

Weird Habit Number 2: I smack my lips like an old person looking for their teeth when I'm tired.

Weird Habit Number 3: Before I leave work I must clean my desk so I don't come to work surrounded by clutter. It helps me focus at the start of the day.

Weird Habit Number 4: I, too bite my lip...usually when I'm thinking or off in la-la land. (OK copied this from Kelscraggly because I do it more than I should. I get it from my mother)

Weird Habit Number 5: I have plastic gloves in my kitchen to use when I am handling raw meat of any kind. (Oh yeah and I also use them when I am working with my hands on anything - so YUP that caramel I made you Writermom is germ free!)

OK I am running out of people to "tag" so I am tagging Segue - again - in case he didn't notice Kelscraggly's!

Home again.....

36 Hours ago I returned home from our 5 state holiday tour and I am already back at work. My house is a disaster. We are talking hard core pit. I am praying that Mr. Chep will find the energy to clean it today (he is off until next Tuesday).

It was great seeing all the family - but the highlight was lunch in Plainfield with Writermom, Dental Dad, Jack and Pickles. I hated leaving them (no this does not mean I am moving back to Indiana. Kelscraggly so put your knife down). I sure do miss you guys!

My laptop was being uncooperative last night which is why I hadn't posted last night. Hopefully I can tell my Christmas stories a little later.