Friday, December 30, 2005

Weird Habits

I've been tagged by Kelscraggly!

Ground Rules: The first player of this game posts his or her 5 Weird Habits, then chooses 5 people to tag by listing their names at the end.

Weird Habit Number 1: I NEVER use flesh colored bandaids. It grosses me out. I am probably the only 31 year old human out there that would rather wear a Daffy Duck bandaid then one that matches my own skin. It irritates my husband because I don't allow him to wear them either. (He uses liquid bandaid or Duct Tape bandaids - makes him feel all manly)

Weird Habit Number 2: I smack my lips like an old person looking for their teeth when I'm tired.

Weird Habit Number 3: Before I leave work I must clean my desk so I don't come to work surrounded by clutter. It helps me focus at the start of the day.

Weird Habit Number 4: I, too bite my lip...usually when I'm thinking or off in la-la land. (OK copied this from Kelscraggly because I do it more than I should. I get it from my mother)

Weird Habit Number 5: I have plastic gloves in my kitchen to use when I am handling raw meat of any kind. (Oh yeah and I also use them when I am working with my hands on anything - so YUP that caramel I made you Writermom is germ free!)

OK I am running out of people to "tag" so I am tagging Segue - again - in case he didn't notice Kelscraggly's!


Segue said...

Do you re-use the gloves?


kelscraggly said...

Yeah, well my lips slide off my face when I'm's not something I do on purpose.

You're supposed to tag 5 people sista....Writer Mom has like 30 people on her links list...steal some of hers!!! ;-)

Glad you had fun in Plainfield...and don't worry I KNOW you wouldn't DARE move back to Indiana now that I've MOVED to IOWA!!!!!

Missed ya....

Rain said...

I use gloves too. For touching anything ewwy in the kitchen, and for cleaning the bathroom and the litter box. yes, all new gloves each time:)

Writer Mom said...

You need to sell your candy!

I suffered a moral dilemma the other day when my brother-in-law ate one of your caramels, had a small orgasm, then said, "Did you make these?"
"No. My pal Chep did."

I did not know this about your rubber glovery. Hmmm. I wonder if spending time in my germ friendly home is painful for you?You hide it well.

Chep said...

WM: You could have SO taken credit I wouldn't care! ;-) Oh and those caramels do have a tendancy to do that to people!

Your home is not painful! The glove thing started a year or so ago. After having salmonella you start being a little more cautious (even if you didn't get it at home)

fineartist said...

You aren’t soooo weird honey, and the lip smacking when you are tired thing had me smacking my lips--you know, just to see what you meant--and laughing…..