Thursday, April 24, 2008

You should see the other guy!

Brad's little baby..., originally uploaded by Chepner.

So things have been nutty....building a house, work and now this.

Mr. Chep was on his way home from work and stopped because a dump truck was turning left in front of him. He happened to glance in his rearview mirror and saw a delivery truck coming at him at 55 mph.

Mr. Chep veered left - the trucker veered right and the delivery driver hit Mr. Chep.

Mr. Chep is physically fine, and I am SO grateful. His truck....not so much.

Oh and the delivery truck....broke a turn signal.

Monday, November 26, 2007

We lost a great man

We lost a great man on Saturday.

My father passed suddenly at the young age of 59.

He will be missed by all.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


That would be "Thank God for Big Ten Network"!

This weekend was the first Indiana Hoosier football game that I have seen on television since I have moved to Hawkeye Country (with the exception of when they play Iowa).

It was wonderful watching the Hoosiers STOMP on Indiana State for the first victory of the year. I hope this is the start of a very long winning streak. I missed the feeling of Memorial Stadium watching it from Iowa - so I guess that a trip to B-ton is in order! A little Irish Lion and a tour of campus to ease my aching heart.

OH and watch for me on TV - I will be in the stands at the Iowa/Indiana game on September's sold out -(Iowa Homecoming you know) but I have procured myself some tickets! WOO HOO! Love to have a repeat of last year.....


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A little banged up.

A little banged up., originally uploaded by Chepner.

So far it's been a rough week.

There was an (almost) antique "Old Oaken Bucket" (IU/Purdue rivalry trophy) on Ebay that I wanted. A Purdue pharmasist out bid us....on our anniversary. BUT Mr. Chep got me flowes to cheer me up. :-)

My wrist has hurt since last week Thursday after hitting balls at the driving range.. I finally decided to have it looked at today. While in the doctor's office I was informed that there was an incident involving my car. Involving a 90 year old lady, an 85 Caprice and my car (pictured here). Guess who didn't win? Good thing was no one was injured. Not in this accident anyway.

Come to find out I will not be joining the PGA any time soon. It appears I may have cracked a bone in my wrist. The x-rays are being sent out for a second opinion but he's pretty sure it's cracked.

I'm grateful no one was hurt in this little incident. I did my best to reassure the little old lady that it was OK - and all that mattered was she was OK (her son-in-law was giving her enough grief).

Hope everyone else is doing OK!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

One of My Best Adult Birthday's of all Time!

June 4th was my birthday. It was a Monday. I worked.

Many times birthdays as an adult - suck. This year - mine proved to be quite the contrary. Let me tell you how it started....(it actually ended up being a birthday week....)

Monday, June 4 (my actual birthday)

8AM Arrive at work. Day starts as normal.

10AM my friend Lego arrives. She comes bearing gifts! Balloon, mini cake and a PIRATE card (which plays music and is BEAUTIFUL I might add)! All very exciting. This draws attention to the fact it's my birthday. (I don't normally TELL people it's my birthday - but will mention when asked - not one of those "it's a secret" people) ANYWAY....

3PM staff meeting. I arrive to find a pink box with more gifts! My Chicago friend MM gave me all kinds of Bath and Body goodies! What fun!

4:30PM go home early (it's my birthday) husband takes me out to dinner! WOO HOO! Get birthday $ from Mama Hep (I spend it well later will see)

Tuesday, June 5

8AM Arrive at work. Find a faculty member leaving my desk. She gives me a hug and says happy belated birthday and left me a "delish" strawberry danish....YUMMO!

9AM Boss SB comes to see me and leaves some work on my desk and a thank you card along with a little "treat"

Wednesday, June 6

Mr. Chep takes me out for dinner at the casino!

Saturday, June 9

Miss Kellscraggly takes me out for a girls day out in CR. I had my very first pedicure - very nice I might add. It took a long time for me to get used to the idea of someone touching my feet (in fact I turned down a pedicure once with Mama Hep - starting to regret that now that I have experienced if your reading and you want to go for a pedicure next time we're in town.... ;-)
Kelscraggly and I got lots of great deals and I got fancy feet!
It was a great week!
Thanks to everyone for making my week wonderful!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Creation of WhibFest

Kelscraggly and her fiance "Whit" have been hosting weekend smoking events ever since Kelscraggly's dad gave Mr. Whit a smoker for Christmas (it's the gift that keeps on giving - and gives to all of us! We love it Mr. S!)

Any way - during one of the smoking practice sessions we came up with an idea to celebrate the smoker.

It would be called WhibFest. It would have t-shirts, a logo, the works. BYOM of course (bring your own meat)

Last week I was "hired" (will work for free smoked pork is my motto) to create the logo and website. I have had a lot of practice in Photoshop lately - and I'm getting a little better I might add!

I have created a "small" monster.

You can see it here

Yes, I did the logo and the blog. I am also the official photographer.

The date for WhibFest 2007 has not yet been set - but I look forward to EVERY practice session!