Thursday, June 14, 2007

One of My Best Adult Birthday's of all Time!

June 4th was my birthday. It was a Monday. I worked.

Many times birthdays as an adult - suck. This year - mine proved to be quite the contrary. Let me tell you how it started....(it actually ended up being a birthday week....)

Monday, June 4 (my actual birthday)

8AM Arrive at work. Day starts as normal.

10AM my friend Lego arrives. She comes bearing gifts! Balloon, mini cake and a PIRATE card (which plays music and is BEAUTIFUL I might add)! All very exciting. This draws attention to the fact it's my birthday. (I don't normally TELL people it's my birthday - but will mention when asked - not one of those "it's a secret" people) ANYWAY....

3PM staff meeting. I arrive to find a pink box with more gifts! My Chicago friend MM gave me all kinds of Bath and Body goodies! What fun!

4:30PM go home early (it's my birthday) husband takes me out to dinner! WOO HOO! Get birthday $ from Mama Hep (I spend it well later will see)

Tuesday, June 5

8AM Arrive at work. Find a faculty member leaving my desk. She gives me a hug and says happy belated birthday and left me a "delish" strawberry danish....YUMMO!

9AM Boss SB comes to see me and leaves some work on my desk and a thank you card along with a little "treat"

Wednesday, June 6

Mr. Chep takes me out for dinner at the casino!

Saturday, June 9

Miss Kellscraggly takes me out for a girls day out in CR. I had my very first pedicure - very nice I might add. It took a long time for me to get used to the idea of someone touching my feet (in fact I turned down a pedicure once with Mama Hep - starting to regret that now that I have experienced if your reading and you want to go for a pedicure next time we're in town.... ;-)
Kelscraggly and I got lots of great deals and I got fancy feet!
It was a great week!
Thanks to everyone for making my week wonderful!


Writer Mom said...

You Geminis and your birthday weeks!

I'm glad it was a good one.

33's a good age, too.

Rain said...

A late happy birthdat wish, nice toes! Pedicures are addictive :)