Monday, May 21, 2007

Creation of WhibFest

Kelscraggly and her fiance "Whit" have been hosting weekend smoking events ever since Kelscraggly's dad gave Mr. Whit a smoker for Christmas (it's the gift that keeps on giving - and gives to all of us! We love it Mr. S!)

Any way - during one of the smoking practice sessions we came up with an idea to celebrate the smoker.

It would be called WhibFest. It would have t-shirts, a logo, the works. BYOM of course (bring your own meat)

Last week I was "hired" (will work for free smoked pork is my motto) to create the logo and website. I have had a lot of practice in Photoshop lately - and I'm getting a little better I might add!

I have created a "small" monster.

You can see it here

Yes, I did the logo and the blog. I am also the official photographer.

The date for WhibFest 2007 has not yet been set - but I look forward to EVERY practice session!