Monday, May 01, 2006

Honesty - IT WORKS!

7 weeks ago my microwave died.

3 weeks ago Mr. Chep got me a new microwave. Amana Radarange with ALL the bells and whistles (on discount of course.) It's awesome. I don't even have to tell it how long to pop the popcorn - it just knows!

SO - when the old microwave died (7 weeks ago) I moved it to the doorway of our spare room and asked Mr. Chep to dispose of it.

That was 7 weeks ago. As of this morning it was still in the doorway.

Mr. Chep is leaving for a business trip tomorrow morning. He was rattling off a list of things he had to I included removing the microwave from the doorway in that list. He looked at me with the look that says "You have been nagging me for weeks and I haven't done it - you know there must be a reason."

So to that look I responded, "The reason I have been nagging you, is I really don't want you to go away on your trip, forget to get dispose of the microwave, and have me be mad for the entire time you are gone because I couldn't clean the spare room."

Know what? He removed the microwave.

No argument, no grumbling.

Putting it in perspective and being honest worked!