Saturday, November 12, 2005

My assignment as requested

Writermom asks - and we deliver.

Let me explain WHY I chose the item I did.

This is Froggie. This is Peppercorn's FAVORITE toy. When she plays with Froggie - it makes me smile. There's nothing I enjoy more than being happy. SO - I guess this is my favorite inanimate object.

Oh yeah - don't laugh.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Random Crap.

Visiting somewhere new? Or want to rediscover the town in which you live?

You may want to visit this site before you take your trip

That's all I got today.


I know.

Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Employment Loyalty vs Employment Diversity

A couple of weeks ago a guy at work and I decided to make a list. No, nothing productive like things to do - more like a competition - on who has had more jobs. OK - can't say I'm proud - but I won.

The Jamoker's blog about Gahoogle Jamokes inspired me to talk about my employment history and how even loyalty can sometimes make it harder to find a job. Logical? I think not.

Before I moved to Iowa I worked at the same place for 6 years. It took me several months to find a job despite the fact that I had a degree and experience in management. Was it the reason I left? Poor interviewing? (could have been) or was it fear that I had worked at one place for too long and was lacking experience in different jobs that caused me trouble?

One thing I will tell you - my current employer was IMPRESSED that I had worked in so many different positions. It apparently made me marketable to this employer. Who knew? Maybe I should have listed my entire list on my resume.

Curious to see the list? Here is it.
  1. Academic Administrative Assistant - (Current)
  2. Recruiter/Trainer Staff Management (left for employment closer to home)
  3. Trainer/QA Specialist - GC Services (company closed)
  4. AnswerNet Operator - GC Services (Promoted)
  5. Customer Service Operator - GC Services (position change)
  6. Assistant Park Manager - LCPRD (relocated)
  7. Bartender (seasonal)
  8. Stage hand - IU MAC (graduated)
  9. Short Order Cook - IU Food Service (injury caused me to resign)
  10. Groundskeeper - LCPRD (seasonal)
  11. Concession/Rental supervisor - LCPRD (seasonal)
  12. Programming assistant - LCPRD (seasonal)
  13. Cashier - Burger King (seasonal)
  14. Umpire - AAU Softball (seasonal)
  15. Babysitter

OK - 15 different positions - many with the same company. So I guess it isn't that bad - and I am only on the 4th company since I graduated from college.

Is it fair that Google requires a 3.0 to continue to an interview? NO. Is it fair that Whit who has been with the same company for 8 years has a harder time finding a job than I did? NO.

I will say - that each employer searches for the best fit - and I would be willing to bet because I graduated with a 2.58 I most DEFINATELY would not fit in at Google.

And my father who worked at the same company for 30 years would not fit in with a company like the one I work for now.

What am I trying to say? If you're searching for a job and it takes awhile don't let it get you down.

Remember: The job I found after 5 weeks of being laid off from GC Services - I HATED. I will say this - it's better to wait and find a good match than to take the first thing to come along. The year and ahalf with the job I hated was the longest in my life! So take your time when looking - you don't want to wear the wrong size shoes forever!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pickles Needs a Female Cousin Soon...

Chep is letting me come over here to write about the MIL.

This is her with Pickles this weekend.

The MIL has a thing about big clip-on earrings.

She has a thing for putting them on small children.

I am glad she now has Pickles, because Jack was really getting tired of having to wear them.