Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Employment Loyalty vs Employment Diversity

A couple of weeks ago a guy at work and I decided to make a list. No, nothing productive like things to do - more like a competition - on who has had more jobs. OK - can't say I'm proud - but I won.

The Jamoker's blog about Gahoogle Jamokes inspired me to talk about my employment history and how even loyalty can sometimes make it harder to find a job. Logical? I think not.

Before I moved to Iowa I worked at the same place for 6 years. It took me several months to find a job despite the fact that I had a degree and experience in management. Was it the reason I left? Poor interviewing? (could have been) or was it fear that I had worked at one place for too long and was lacking experience in different jobs that caused me trouble?

One thing I will tell you - my current employer was IMPRESSED that I had worked in so many different positions. It apparently made me marketable to this employer. Who knew? Maybe I should have listed my entire list on my resume.

Curious to see the list? Here is it.
  1. Academic Administrative Assistant - (Current)
  2. Recruiter/Trainer Staff Management (left for employment closer to home)
  3. Trainer/QA Specialist - GC Services (company closed)
  4. AnswerNet Operator - GC Services (Promoted)
  5. Customer Service Operator - GC Services (position change)
  6. Assistant Park Manager - LCPRD (relocated)
  7. Bartender (seasonal)
  8. Stage hand - IU MAC (graduated)
  9. Short Order Cook - IU Food Service (injury caused me to resign)
  10. Groundskeeper - LCPRD (seasonal)
  11. Concession/Rental supervisor - LCPRD (seasonal)
  12. Programming assistant - LCPRD (seasonal)
  13. Cashier - Burger King (seasonal)
  14. Umpire - AAU Softball (seasonal)
  15. Babysitter

OK - 15 different positions - many with the same company. So I guess it isn't that bad - and I am only on the 4th company since I graduated from college.

Is it fair that Google requires a 3.0 to continue to an interview? NO. Is it fair that Whit who has been with the same company for 8 years has a harder time finding a job than I did? NO.

I will say - that each employer searches for the best fit - and I would be willing to bet because I graduated with a 2.58 I most DEFINATELY would not fit in at Google.

And my father who worked at the same company for 30 years would not fit in with a company like the one I work for now.

What am I trying to say? If you're searching for a job and it takes awhile don't let it get you down.

Remember: The job I found after 5 weeks of being laid off from GC Services - I HATED. I will say this - it's better to wait and find a good match than to take the first thing to come along. The year and ahalf with the job I hated was the longest in my life! So take your time when looking - you don't want to wear the wrong size shoes forever!


Writer Mom said...
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Writer Mom said...

So true!

I need to make my own list now. Need something to remind myself that I am not a slacker for staying at home with the kids.

Matt said...

Yeah i had a 2.89 at IU, i guess google wouldn't want me even though i have a 3.85 now in grad school!!! Oh boy... numbers, numbers...

The Jamoker said...

gotta get lots of experience in order to be seen as well-rounded.

gotta stay in one job to be seen as loyal.

screwed either way.

where's the intelligence...the magical 3.0 threshhold...in either scenario?

(thanks for the thoughts and the link)