Friday, December 16, 2005

I saved a life.....

Yeah you read it right boys and girls....I - Colleen "Chepner" Hepner saved a life today.
Nope didn't push someone out of the path of a moving bus or revive someone using CPR.
I gave blood.
I didn't like it.

I commend those that can give blood and do so often. It's a good cause and I think that everyone that is able - does so at least once in their lifetime. I did it. I'm done.
When they announced the idea of a blood drive at the college I decided this was a great idea - but not for me.

When I asked for an article for the person that was planning the drive this is how it went down:

Chep: Hey M - can you write me an article about the blood drive?
M: Sure - it'll cost ya.
**uh oh - I feel a bribe coming on**

Chep: So what are we talking here? I just need a few paragraphs.
M: GREAT! I just need 1 pint.
Chep: Great when you want that beer?
M: Not beer - blood.
**oh shit - I hate needles**

Chep: I pass out when I get blood drawn. I don't think so.
M: You'll be fine- you want that article don't you?
**shit I don't have time to write an article**

Chep: Fine. I'll do it. But if I pass out you are to blame.

**Day of the blood drive**
1:45PM - my assigned time to give. I arrive. I wait (yeah this helps with anxiety)
2:00PM - answer a BILLION questions about my health (have you had sex with a man that has had sex with a man - ?)
2:15PM - sit down - Turbo (my blood drawing girl) sits me down and preps me to draw my blood. I warn her of my fainting issues. This phases her little.
2:20PM - Blood...woozy....I think I might faint.....
2:45PM - Coworkers come in to tease me about having a barf bag at my side....
3:00PM - Still laying on the cot after having my blood drawn....
4:00PM - Still being teased about passing out....

I think next time I'll just be Charlie Corpuscle!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Chepner Christmas Challenge.

OK - it's a short post today - once I have things back under control I will get more online - but for today it's a brief one.

I've noticed people posting nice pictures of their pretty trees and their sentimental ornaments. To be honest - my tree isn't all that pretty. I do however have some interesting ornaments.

Take these 2 for example. The top ornament was one of my yearly gifts from my mother. It's a sketch of the high school she went to and the middle school I went to. It always makes me think of home. Kind of like the one below it. Kelscraggly picked this up for me when she lived in Virginia Beach. Mr. Chep and I went to visit her there and pulling out that ornament makes me think of fresh fish and sand between my toes. AAHHH to have a little warmth now....

OK this one is a little blurry - for that I apologize. BUT - I think you can all figure out the "ornament" on the left. Yes I do believe my Straub beer cap will take the cake for the most unusual item on a Christmas tree. Think you can beat that? BRING IT ON!

There is a story behind the beer cap and the coal miner on the right. Each was picked up on our honeymoon.

My mother taught me a nifty little trick to remind yourself of your travels....pick up an ornament. Well - I didn't think of this on our honeymoon. BUT - we did visit a brewery in PA so I drilled a hole in a beer cap and hung it with some string. Not fancy - not pretty - BUT - I think of fresh beer off the Straub line at 8am and the fine people of St. Mary's, PA each time I put this on the tree. ;-)

So I challenge you all - to find an odd ornament and share it with all of us - can YOU beat my beer cap?