Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Biggest Loser

People at work have decided it would be a good idea to get a weight loss challenge going at work. I was approached numerous times to see if I was interested in playing along.

HHMMM pay $5 to lose weight. Nah - I think not. No, $5 isn't a lof of money. No, I don't like the extra weight - but I do LIKE me. I know that losing a few pounds won't make me work better or make me happier so why suffer to be a few pounds lighter. I resolved a few months ago that I would eat better - which I have done - but I am not going to make myself miserable trying to win a few bucks. If only I would exercise a little more...that's what I really need. If $5 bucks me into a gym - I would be on it in a minute!

It's not that I don't need to lose weight - (I do which is why they all asked I am sure) but giving someone $5 to join a team to maybe win a few bucks....I think I may have better luck winning the lottery.

What did I tell them when they asked?

"Sorry - I plan on GAINING weight this term."

Hey everytime I work at losing weight I gain it. I figure if I plan on gaining it - maybe I will lose.

Monday, January 02, 2006


The other day while shopping for moisturizer at a store famous for scented personal care products, I decided to venture out from my normal "flavors" and try a new scent. When I used this new scent today after my shower Mr. Chep commented on the odor. He told me that it "smelled bad". Hm. Guess Mr. Chep doesn't like Brown Sugar and Fig.

It baffles me what attracts people to certain smells. If someone were to ask me what my favorite smell is I would quickly answer "fresh cut grass". Would I be attracted to a man that smells like a LawnBoy? Probably not. Would anyone? Well maybe occasionally - but not as an everyday smell.

Instead - men wear things that are musky, wood scented, mountain get the idea- manly. Women - we wear fruits and flowers - probably not on the top of a man's favorite scent list. So where do lotion/perfume companies come up with with their ideas for scents? Never in a million years would I think to wear Brown Sugar and Fig. Guess I will never wear it again.