Monday, January 02, 2006


The other day while shopping for moisturizer at a store famous for scented personal care products, I decided to venture out from my normal "flavors" and try a new scent. When I used this new scent today after my shower Mr. Chep commented on the odor. He told me that it "smelled bad". Hm. Guess Mr. Chep doesn't like Brown Sugar and Fig.

It baffles me what attracts people to certain smells. If someone were to ask me what my favorite smell is I would quickly answer "fresh cut grass". Would I be attracted to a man that smells like a LawnBoy? Probably not. Would anyone? Well maybe occasionally - but not as an everyday smell.

Instead - men wear things that are musky, wood scented, mountain get the idea- manly. Women - we wear fruits and flowers - probably not on the top of a man's favorite scent list. So where do lotion/perfume companies come up with with their ideas for scents? Never in a million years would I think to wear Brown Sugar and Fig. Guess I will never wear it again.


kelscraggly said...

Ya know, there's a study out says the scent men are most attracted to is pumpkin pie....I think you need to get some pumpkin pie lotion for Mr. Chep...too bad that store only carries something similar to that in the fall ;-)

Segue said...

I hate pumpkin pie.

If you buy a new fragrance for yourself and ask what a guy thinks of it, he will probably say "Ewww" or at least THINK it.

You see, we don't want to realize that you don't smell that way naturally.

For instance, I've been with Amanda for a couple of months now, and I found out yesterday she wears something called "Egyptian Goddess". I assumed she just smelled like that naturally. (She smells great.)

And I'm pretty in tune with fragrances for a guy.

Unfortunately, I don't have any hints as to how to ease us into new fragrances.

Chep said...

Kelscraggly: Pumpkin Pie eh? Can't say I am a fan - thinking just wearing it would turn ME off!

Segue: I was afraid you would say that - no easing - it's either "OH yeah" or "What the hell is that smell??" I am with ya on the pumpkin...

The Jamoker said...

five hours in the saddle. riding my trusty 10 speed in 100 degree heat. salt from the sweat encrusted on every square inch of skin. odorific? oh yeah!!!

where's the wife?

pushin me away like she's worried 'bout gettin the plague..

Matt said...

i LOVE fig scented things... i have some wild fig body wash that i use sometimes and when i've worn it John has commented that it smelled good... i wonder if this is a gay thing? LOL : )

Writer Mom said...

Brown sugar and figs?

Rain said...

my husband loved a couple of scents on me that I didn't love as much as he did. I wore them for him, but not for long. I guess you have to please yourself, as long as he doesn't hate if. BTW I collect scents. Another BTW our female noses change their minds about what smells good at different times during our cycle. perhaps too much fragrance info sorry :)

shorty said...

My husband hates floral scents, and would prefer for no scent at all. He tolerates fruity smells and some "natural" smells like "rain mist" or "ocean breeze." I tried to convince him that colonge isn't a bad idea either, not that he is particularly oderific, but there are a few that I am particulaly fond of. He will wear them from time to time, but usually only if he REALLY wants something.

Writer Mom said...

Can I get some postage if I leave you 37 cents?

Aren't I witty and clever?


zilla said...

A long time ago Jonathan (A Splash of Lime) remarked to me that he thought someone should come up with a fragrance line infused with garlic and onion.

Go figure men, I say.

I like men's fragrances more than women's, honestly. The only girly scent I own is Clinique's "Simply." Or is it "Simple"? See, I wear is so seldomly I don't even know what it's called!

Loved your party pic -- what a fun group. Those were the says, eh?

I'll take $5 to eat a one-pound bag of cherry Twizzlers, thank you. ;-)

fineartist said...

Along time ago Gap used to make a fragrance called cut grass, soaps, lotion, body spray, it was absolutely clean, fantastic-orgasmic. It’s gone now, figures. They have come up with a “Modern” Patchouli, it aint bad but the original patchouli has always been my favorite. Funny, my man hated patchouli when we were married, yep he loathed it, then I divorced him and--hand over mouth--took him back and now he loves it. Said he missed it--when I wouldn’t give him the time of day--it reminds him of me. Strange how our ideas of what is good can change, yes?

I am so bad, I love the smell of a man who has been outside, there’s nothing like that clean outdoorsy smell, natural clean body scent and the great out of doors, what a combo. This is really odd but they have a shampoo and soap for hunters that is flavored with an earth sent, kind of like dirt smells, IT IS TO DIE FOR… kidding.

I’ll bet your man love the scent of you, just like Segue loves the scent of his Amanda, don’t you?