Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another interesting find...

Whilst in the bathroom today I noted a box of matches on Mr. Chep's sink.

I picked them up and noticed on the back side of the box there were Product Features. In case your curious:
  • Easy to light (that is the intent)
  • Strong, sturdy splint (let's hope so - had to bust it off while lit)
  • Safe, non-toxic head (just in case you feel like takin a lick)
  • Burns clean with minimal smoke (because what your burnin won't)
  • Portable - if it wasn't could it not

This little oddity caused a google search for other product features. This is what Google found:

Yes this is a link to a FINE set of buck teef. Even celebrities wear them! Check it out!

I need to get me a set of these!

Youth...boy does it feel good!

Today started Saturday water aerobics class.

To be real honest I was afraid that I would be the oldest and chunkiest in the class. To my suprise that was not the case. In fact I was the 4th youngest! WOO HOO!

It was a great class - but I did learn one thing. I have the coordination of a drunk college boy trying to hit on a coed. It's a good thing most of the activity is done under the water!

Ah well - better luck next week!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Lady Gumshoes...

Why are people so fascinated with other people's lives?

Famous people are a perfect example. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tabloids running around snapping photos of the famous couple.

I am guessing the tree was not for dramatic effect. Just a guess.

But this is not a post about prying into famous peoples' lives it can happen to regular people too.

It's about Daddy Long Legs, Pipes and Irish doing some digging. Here's the background.

The 3 of people all have a common acquaintence. There have been some unanswered questions that have come up in the last few weeks - so they started a conspiracy theory. It involves the internet, prison and marriage. All intertwined. All very interesting.

If they were TRUE gumshoes they would find a way to tactfully ask the source for the story and trust me - there is a story. Instead they use the internet and after work chitty chats to discuss the possible theories. Not really much different than the tabloids.

Ah - the things people will do to make work more interesting.

Great Delivery

Q: What's better than hot fresh pizza delivered to your house?

A: When your delivery guy looks like this!


Monday, January 23, 2006

Thanks from Chepner and Mama Chep!

Almost one week ago today I posted about a poor school in Gary that collects Boxtops for Education. My thinking behind this post was simple. Collect some boxtops for Mama Chep's school, her class can win the competition and get a healthy breakfast. (It is my understanding that the little money this school does raise supports the before school breakfast program.) I thought that I may get a few people involved.

It is amazing how the word about this spread.

It started with Cheryl. A kind and WONDERFUL person who lives in the UK and was not able to "play along" BUT offered her support in the way of passing the word. And my oh my did it.

Blogzilla poured out her soul to all of us and then plugged the program. She even found a way to include all of those that don't use convenience foods. She is awesome and my mother concurrs. OH yeah and she will probably kick my BUTT at the competition!

Me Struss wrote an article for the 65th Crayon and also placed a link to my original post. This was the first time I stumbled across Me Strauss' website and I was thoroughly impressed! I believe I will be visiting more often! She also has posts on Me Liz on Biz and on her other site I honestly don't know how she does it! That's a lot of site to keep up! But Mama Chep and I appreciate the exposure.

I also stumbled across this random page. Not sure how I ended up on Random Chaos but I did and I am grateful for the exposure.

I have not yet been to the post office box yet - but when I get my first installment I will be sure to post all about it!

Thanks again to all those that linked - and thanks to those that have decided to save!