Saturday, January 28, 2006

Youth...boy does it feel good!

Today started Saturday water aerobics class.

To be real honest I was afraid that I would be the oldest and chunkiest in the class. To my suprise that was not the case. In fact I was the 4th youngest! WOO HOO!

It was a great class - but I did learn one thing. I have the coordination of a drunk college boy trying to hit on a coed. It's a good thing most of the activity is done under the water!

Ah well - better luck next week!

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Writer Mom said...

I didn't know you were taking water aerobics!

I've never looked like more of an idiot than when I took that class... (DON'T ARGUE WITH ME!)
The belts are clearly just there to humiliate...causing their victims to flop back and forth...Like being sawed in half in a magic show...both ends work, but don't coordinate. And there's the sinking...
"Miss, do you need to double up your belts??"
UGH! Then the fast doggie kick across the pool...I got the world's WORST charlie horse in my foot. I just floated in the middle of the pool mouthing curse words. The entire class was lined up at the side, staring at me...

On top of THAT, the instructor was the same gay man who hit on Tom at a previous party. Tom didn't know he was being hit on. He was just making conversation..The swim instructor was most pissed off to find out Tom was a straight married man..."But he talked to me for an hour in the kitchen..."
He shot death looks my way over the keg.
"Is Tom gay?" I asked my friend Rob, the host...who had told me about the drama Tom unwittingly inflicted.

"Tom's so not gay, Ange. And even if he was, he'd still be with you..."
(smiles...note to self, call Rob)

Anyway, the swim instructor recognized me later that week...and I'm convinced tried to drown me.

Nope. I don't like water aerobics.

The end.