Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another interesting find...

Whilst in the bathroom today I noted a box of matches on Mr. Chep's sink.

I picked them up and noticed on the back side of the box there were Product Features. In case your curious:
  • Easy to light (that is the intent)
  • Strong, sturdy splint (let's hope so - had to bust it off while lit)
  • Safe, non-toxic head (just in case you feel like takin a lick)
  • Burns clean with minimal smoke (because what your burnin won't)
  • Portable - if it wasn't could it not

This little oddity caused a google search for other product features. This is what Google found:

Yes this is a link to a FINE set of buck teef. Even celebrities wear them! Check it out!

I need to get me a set of these!

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Writer Mom said...

This is a market Tom needs to get into.