Monday, January 23, 2006

Thanks from Chepner and Mama Chep!

Almost one week ago today I posted about a poor school in Gary that collects Boxtops for Education. My thinking behind this post was simple. Collect some boxtops for Mama Chep's school, her class can win the competition and get a healthy breakfast. (It is my understanding that the little money this school does raise supports the before school breakfast program.) I thought that I may get a few people involved.

It is amazing how the word about this spread.

It started with Cheryl. A kind and WONDERFUL person who lives in the UK and was not able to "play along" BUT offered her support in the way of passing the word. And my oh my did it.

Blogzilla poured out her soul to all of us and then plugged the program. She even found a way to include all of those that don't use convenience foods. She is awesome and my mother concurrs. OH yeah and she will probably kick my BUTT at the competition!

Me Struss wrote an article for the 65th Crayon and also placed a link to my original post. This was the first time I stumbled across Me Strauss' website and I was thoroughly impressed! I believe I will be visiting more often! She also has posts on Me Liz on Biz and on her other site I honestly don't know how she does it! That's a lot of site to keep up! But Mama Chep and I appreciate the exposure.

I also stumbled across this random page. Not sure how I ended up on Random Chaos but I did and I am grateful for the exposure.

I have not yet been to the post office box yet - but when I get my first installment I will be sure to post all about it!

Thanks again to all those that linked - and thanks to those that have decided to save!


ME Strauss said...

Hey Chepner,
How could we not? It was easy. Type a few words and click publish.
I'm a first grade teacher. I love teachers and I love kids. I have few friends in Chicago who have your address . . .

zilla said...

Ohhhh Chep ...

Guess what?

Forty-four. Ayup, four-tee-four.


I owe a debt of gratitude to you & Mama Chep. Because of box top madness, I have discovered a new product that I will consider forever indespensible: Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix.

For years we've been slaving over a hot stove, melting $1.25 worth of Baker's chocolate, running the risk of scorching it and having to start over, and, even worse, gambling against the atmosphere for brownies that might turn out dry and nasty and barely edible.

The beauty of the mix is that there is no need to melt anything! You just throw the mix and an egg and some oil and some water into a bowl, stir it fifty times, spread it into a greased square pan, and pop it into the oven for 25 minutes. After a half hour of cooling, you've got moist, chewy, warm brownies -- just enough for the family.

Love these brownies! So here's what I did in order to get our box tops to Mama Chep faster. I bought ten pouches on sale for a buck each, measured the contents of one pouch into a plastic ice cream tub, jotted the directions on the lid with a Sharpie marker, then emptied as many of the pouches as I could into the tub (8). 2 scant cups of mix, 1 egg, 1/4 cup of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of water.

The test run was last night. The brownies vanished. My husband and my kids feel spoiled. Not bad for a dessert that's practically effortless!

zilla said...


My mom's box tops arrived in today's mail.

That's an even fifty.

Weeeeeee are the champions .... of the WORLD!

kelscraggly said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa...don't ya think you should REALLY remember back to how you got the idea for this blog?!?!?! Stealing the boxtops off my taco kit sista!!!! And I looked at you like you were crazy....and then you explained the Boxtop thing to me.....

Chep said...

Ah yes - kudos should go to Kelscraggly....

Oh and Zilla - talk smack - and the smack talk back. Do I get to count the ones MY mom collects??? ;-)

zilla said...

Chep - No. Because we are all collecting them FOR your mom, remember? You can, however, count the ones your DAD collects, but he has to cut them out and mail them to you all by himself.

I nearly gave Mr. Z heart failure last night. I opened the "things we hardly ever use" cupboard to dig for a fresh bag of rabbit food, and low and behold: three opened boxes of Chex Cereal I had forgotten about since Christmas (party mix fixin's!)


Three box tops the easy way!

More good news: Beanpole LOVES Betty Crocker Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes with Crumb Topping. This is the kid who has refused potatoes all his life!

Guess who's going shopping today?

Writer Mom said...

I'm an asshole with only two so far...but I'll get Tom on the case.



Mama Chep said...

I made Papa Chep buy the 'good for you' Cocoa Puffs today....he likes the cereal and it has a box top!!!Mama Chep