Friday, January 20, 2006

From Boxtops to Dead Skunks to Washboards - How My Mind Works

Please bear with me as I randomly rant through this post. This will give you all great insight into the way my mind works...

If you are a semi-regular reader of my blog you will may have noticed that I have requested my fellow bloggers to save their Boxtops for Education for a school in Gary where Mama Chep works. If you would like to read more about that click here.

ANYWAY.....Cheryl offered to help out the best way she could (she lives in the UK) by spreading the news through her blog (which if you haven't read - you should - she is always entertaining)

OK....This idea has caught on. I recieved a comment from 'Zilla tonight asking if she can also post on her blog about the Boxtop Challenge. Which by the way 'Z - if you are testing my skills on higher math - there is a reason I am holding back getting my Masters....;-)

SO....'Zilla asked me some questions to which I did not have the answers. Logically I call my mother. (Sidenote: It's 9:30 CST)

My father answers. He is groggy.

Papa Chep: Hello?
Chep: Hi Dad - you sleeping?
Papa Chep: Yes
Chep: It's 9:30. Is mom sleeping too?
(I just figured he was "staring at the back of his eyelids" on the couch)
Papa Chep: Yes
Chep: Why are you in bed so early?
Papa Chep: Your mother had a bad day today.
Chep: What happened?
(Thinking something went wrong with the demolition - yeah that's for another post)
Papa Chep: Your ma hit a dead animal on her way to work today.
Chep: Oh no. A dog? A cat?
Papa Chep: Nope it was **starts to sing** "A dead skunk in the middle of the road" You know that song?
Chep: UM - no - you have got to be making this up.
(My father can take most conversations and relate them to a song. He doesn't even make them up They are honest to goodness songs. It's a talent. I have also acquired this skill.)

Here is my father singin' is heart out! I love this photo!
**Conversation continues about the song Dead Skunk (yeah here's proof it exists)**

OK - If you are not already aware....I am an internet geek. I love to find things on the internet. Some say it's resourceful. I say - I'm a nerd. So I start my search. Must find more than just the lyrics. Must find song.

Found a midi. Boy - I had forgotten how badly those suck.

Continue to search...find other songs by Loudin Wainwright III.

Then I come across this treasure....The Washboard Wizards. These guys remind me of our family reunion band "The Nitty Gritty Dirty Underwear Band" (my Uncle Tim made up that one). Played the washbasin bass, the washboard, the know...a backyard band. Made me a little nostalgic. Mama Chep - if you are reading this - make sure dad check's this out he may get into their music. Hard tellin' my dad listens to literally EVERYTHING.

So anyway - wanna know if I found the song? Hells yes I did. They don't call me the "Internet Geek" for nothin'.

Enjoy and goodnight!

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fineartist said...

"Dead skunk in the middle of the road, (repeat ad nauseum...)and it's stinkin' to high heaven. Tell your dad old Lori remembers that song too.

Your poor momma, she didn't just have a bad day, and think of all the jokes she will have to SUFFER. Not to mention the ones she will have to suffer around your dad alone....Oh hell this is funny.

love and stuff to you cheparoo, and now I'm off to hear the old Wizards. And, oh man that pic of your dad singing is priceless.