Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mumps, Iowa and The Chepner's

Two days ago, the state put out a message urging Iowans between the ages of 18 and 46 to recieve a second (or a first) mumps vaccination

This includes me. :(

I don't like needles and Grandpa Chep said he had a horrible reaction to the vaccination.

I think I will go when we come back from Canada.

I'm just not excite about this. But since I work at a school and Mr. Chep works at a large manufacturing facility - I guess we better.

Let's hope we can keep in the clear.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Look Who's 30!!

Happy Birthday Kelscraggly!!!

Just a few photos from Kelscraggly's pre-birthday party (pictures from Saturday - her real birthday is today!)

Kelscraggly holding her card from Lego.

Ah - my little Princess and her Prince!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Mr. Chep is on his 2nd business trip in 2 weeks. This week he is in rainy and cold Raleigh, NC.

He left 8:30 this morning. After I read the paper, I decided to do some yard work.

I started simple. Weed the herb garden. Went well. I edged the driveway (manually - on my hands and knees) - cake - compared to the next project I decided to tackle.

When we moved in, we put a large flower bed in the front of the house and filled it with different types of flowers. Due to its location, we had some trouble finding ones that worked in the half sun/half shade location.

My mother (Mrs. Green Thumb) suggested a low growing plant that could survive in any kind of light. In fact, she assured me - I couldn't kill it. She wasn't kidding.

This is what she gave me.

Bishop's Weed.

This plant took over my flower bed. I believe it has teeth. Since its addition to the flower bed I lost: purple coneflowers, sage, thyme, gerber daisies and 2 lavender plants.

This "cannibal" had to be removed today. I filled TWO 39 gallon trash bags with this evil perennial - that I am SURE will come back. How am I sure? I have removed it before. It comes - back. I am convinced that it will continue to come back until I locate the correct voodoo chant and pass this cursed plant onto some other inexperienced gardener.

Any takers?