Monday, May 08, 2006

Look Who's 30!!

Happy Birthday Kelscraggly!!!

Just a few photos from Kelscraggly's pre-birthday party (pictures from Saturday - her real birthday is today!)

Kelscraggly holding her card from Lego.

Ah - my little Princess and her Prince!


zilla said...

I have never been so jealous of anyone's tiara in my life. Look at her! She wears it so well!

Writer Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Kel!!

Now I'm wondering if she posted!
Gonna go check.
Looks like you had a great time.
I won't say I'm jealous, because I know you're response.

I bet Mr. Chep misses you tons!

Rain said...

Happy Birthday, gotta check her blog too!

kelscraggly said...

Ahhh...there's my b'day pics!!! I was wondering how they turned out... I need to borrow these so I can be inspired to blog again....send them ...send them oh girl of the couch!!!