Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A little banged up.

A little banged up., originally uploaded by Chepner.

So far it's been a rough week.

There was an (almost) antique "Old Oaken Bucket" (IU/Purdue rivalry trophy) on Ebay that I wanted. A Purdue pharmasist out bid us....on our anniversary. BUT Mr. Chep got me flowes to cheer me up. :-)

My wrist has hurt since last week Thursday after hitting balls at the driving range.. I finally decided to have it looked at today. While in the doctor's office I was informed that there was an incident involving my car. Involving a 90 year old lady, an 85 Caprice and my car (pictured here). Guess who didn't win? Good thing was no one was injured. Not in this accident anyway.

Come to find out I will not be joining the PGA any time soon. It appears I may have cracked a bone in my wrist. The x-rays are being sent out for a second opinion but he's pretty sure it's cracked.

I'm grateful no one was hurt in this little incident. I did my best to reassure the little old lady that it was OK - and all that mattered was she was OK (her son-in-law was giving her enough grief).

Hope everyone else is doing OK!