Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hook-up of Chep and Mr. Chep Part Duex

**Note - this photo is not from this trip.**

Oh yeah! I am a little behind on the timeline. But only by two days.

If you are a little lost (or don't remember) what I am talking about go visit this post to catch up.

As a quick summary - Mr. Chep got my phone number and e-mail on NYE and we vowed to meet up and visit a park in West Lafayette. AS FRIENDS.

Actual date of the 2nd meet up: 1/30/98

It was unseasonably warm that week. I decided it would be a good weekend to visit Wolf Park. However; I had not heard from Mr. Chep. Being resourceful has always been one of my strengths so I got online and looked up Mr. Chep's number and I called him. I asked if he wanted to get together - he said "sure"

After driving down to W.Lafayette we found that Wolf Park was closed. So we searched for other things to do.

We walked the Happy Hollow Park trails.

We went to the student union and played pool. He let me win. I got pissed. He never let me win again. (Actually there is only one thing I can do better than Mr. Chep and that's whistle.)

We went to The John Meyers Pedestrian Bridge and watched the Wabash rage by. (Later I find out this is where Mr. Chep realized he loved me)

We went to Fazoli's (poor college kid - we went dutch)

And at the end of the day - Mr. Chep kissed me.

I went home and called my mom. I told her that I think he likes me.

Want to know why it took Mr. Chep so long to call me?
At the time he told me he lost my number. Not an excuse. He knew my sister - he knew my mother - they all had my number.

Come to find out - he didn't want to seem to "anxious". I guess the fact that I waited a month didn't make me seem desperate!

Boys. What can you do?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

People and their mouths....

"The things children say." Common phrase used to justify stupid things that come out of a child's mouth.

Some people never fine tune that brain to mouth "filter" (some never had one installed.) I believe that is the case for "Donkey Kong".

Donkey Kong works where I do. This is a fine example of his lack of "filter."

I was chatting with "Hot Lips" about a young man she is seeing. As we stood in the hallway discussing her boyfriend - "Donkey Kong" (DK) came up and started to listen in on our conversation. This by itself - not a problem. After finding out Hot Lip's (HL) boyfriend's name DK asked:

DK: Is your boyfriend a man of color?


Hot Lips had a great come back. I love it.

HL: We are all people of color.
DK: No is he Black?
HL: - he's pink..
Chep: Why on earth would you ask that???
DK: Well his name - it's a black name.
Chep: Reggie?
DK: How many white guys you know with the name Reggie? I mean there's Reggie Jackson, Reggie Miller - never heard of a white guy named Reggie
HL: Haven't you ever heard of the name Reginald?
DK: Yeah - Reginald is a white guy name - but Reggie - that's a black name.
Chep:You do know Reggie is short for Reginald right?
DK: Yeah but no white guys have the name - Reggie.
Chep: What??? Seriously. You need to go back to your desk.

This isn't the first incident of loose lips Donkey Kong - and I am quite certain it won't be the last.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

What's Your Embarassing Childhood Story?

WriterMom's most recent post "A bit of the beauty of being Pickles" not only made me nearly wet myself laughing - a comment by Cheryl got me thinking.

What was my parent's favorite story to tell?? I will say one thing - it wasn't as funny as this one - but it's one of Mama Chep's favorite. Here it is.

Age: Unknown

Toddler Chepner was in the process of being poddy trained. She was fully aware that she was not to "mess" in her diaper.

One evening Mama and Papa Chep had company over. It was not customary to take shoes off when people came to our house, this night however our guest did just that.

As he was preparing to leave my mother went to grab this man's boots. Next to it - she noticed a little round turd. So she picked up his boot and rattled it. Sure enough Toddler Chepner had taken her "deposit" out of her diaper and dropped it into this man's boots.

They tell this story - to this day. They lovingly refer to it as "The poop in the boot story".

So what's yours?

**By the way - while preparing for this post I searched for photos on Google. Hint from me to you - never Google the word "poop".**