Sunday, January 29, 2006

What's Your Embarassing Childhood Story?

WriterMom's most recent post "A bit of the beauty of being Pickles" not only made me nearly wet myself laughing - a comment by Cheryl got me thinking.

What was my parent's favorite story to tell?? I will say one thing - it wasn't as funny as this one - but it's one of Mama Chep's favorite. Here it is.

Age: Unknown

Toddler Chepner was in the process of being poddy trained. She was fully aware that she was not to "mess" in her diaper.

One evening Mama and Papa Chep had company over. It was not customary to take shoes off when people came to our house, this night however our guest did just that.

As he was preparing to leave my mother went to grab this man's boots. Next to it - she noticed a little round turd. So she picked up his boot and rattled it. Sure enough Toddler Chepner had taken her "deposit" out of her diaper and dropped it into this man's boots.

They tell this story - to this day. They lovingly refer to it as "The poop in the boot story".

So what's yours?

**By the way - while preparing for this post I searched for photos on Google. Hint from me to you - never Google the word "poop".**


Carol said...

My FIL has one about his niece. Firstborn grandchild was being shown off around the school (he was the janitor) and she really did look like an angel. Big blue eyes, long blond wavy hair. She was examining something on her fingertip and Grandad says "What do you have there, Lynnemarie?" and little angel replies "I don't know, Granda, I found it in ma nose"

Writer Mom said...

Yours beats any I can think of.

I'm checking all the boots in the house from now on!

(There was a mysterious puddle on the kitchen floor today, and I asked around...but sometimes, you just don't want to know the answer.)

Cheryl said...

I chased my unwary and naked dad round the kitchen, brandishing the talcum powder, because as everyone knows when you're young, if you've just got out of the bath you have to have talc on your bottom. Apparently he had to keep his bits hidden, keep his back to me, and keep running, and had to holler my mum for help.
I was their eldest. Then they learned.

Not as funny as yours, I can just imagine, 'Ooh thats an uncomfy lump, now, where to get rid of it?'
Rofl :-)

fineartist said...

Hehehheheeeeeeee to all of these stories.

When I was probably three my dad took me to the grocery store with him and when we got up to the check out I reminded him in a clear and loud voice that he forgot to get the "horse cock". That was his slang term for bologna, well prior to that day. I never heard my father say horse cock again....