Tuesday, January 31, 2006

People and their mouths....

"The things children say." Common phrase used to justify stupid things that come out of a child's mouth.

Some people never fine tune that brain to mouth "filter" (some never had one installed.) I believe that is the case for "Donkey Kong".

Donkey Kong works where I do. This is a fine example of his lack of "filter."

I was chatting with "Hot Lips" about a young man she is seeing. As we stood in the hallway discussing her boyfriend - "Donkey Kong" (DK) came up and started to listen in on our conversation. This by itself - not a problem. After finding out Hot Lip's (HL) boyfriend's name DK asked:

DK: Is your boyfriend a man of color?


Hot Lips had a great come back. I love it.

HL: We are all people of color.
DK: No is he Black?
HL: UM...no - he's pink..
Chep: Why on earth would you ask that???
DK: Well his name - it's a black name.
Chep: Reggie?
DK: How many white guys you know with the name Reggie? I mean there's Reggie Jackson, Reggie Miller - never heard of a white guy named Reggie
HL: Haven't you ever heard of the name Reginald?
DK: Yeah - Reginald is a white guy name - but Reggie - that's a black name.
Chep:You do know Reggie is short for Reginald right?
DK: Yeah but no white guys have the name - Reggie.
Chep: What??? Seriously. You need to go back to your desk.

This isn't the first incident of loose lips Donkey Kong - and I am quite certain it won't be the last.


Carol said...

One - Reginald (Reggie) Perrin

Two - what the heck sorta comment was that? Does it *matter* what colour he is? Bizarre

zilla said...

:: rolling eyes. What an idiot. What a clod.

Anonymous said...

I bet DK wears purple shirts! What a tool box

Matt said...

wasn't that guy in the Archie comics named Reggie? he was pretty damn white... LOL

fineartist said...

What a dork a roonie. I liked hot lipses coments too.

Donkey Kong, ba donk a dong. What kind a goofy ass lyrics are those? Ooops now every time you see DK you will hear that dreadful song in your mind. I would erase this and spare you, but every morning on the way to school Samps and I seem to hear this song....he likes it....I think it's the dong part that hooked him....now you know what it is like to be in my mind, because for hours I will have to force this song from my mind. I suck.