Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Chepner Christmas Challenge.

OK - it's a short post today - once I have things back under control I will get more online - but for today it's a brief one.

I've noticed people posting nice pictures of their pretty trees and their sentimental ornaments. To be honest - my tree isn't all that pretty. I do however have some interesting ornaments.

Take these 2 for example. The top ornament was one of my yearly gifts from my mother. It's a sketch of the high school she went to and the middle school I went to. It always makes me think of home. Kind of like the one below it. Kelscraggly picked this up for me when she lived in Virginia Beach. Mr. Chep and I went to visit her there and pulling out that ornament makes me think of fresh fish and sand between my toes. AAHHH to have a little warmth now....

OK this one is a little blurry - for that I apologize. BUT - I think you can all figure out the "ornament" on the left. Yes I do believe my Straub beer cap will take the cake for the most unusual item on a Christmas tree. Think you can beat that? BRING IT ON!

There is a story behind the beer cap and the coal miner on the right. Each was picked up on our honeymoon.

My mother taught me a nifty little trick to remind yourself of your travels....pick up an ornament. Well - I didn't think of this on our honeymoon. BUT - we did visit a brewery in PA so I drilled a hole in a beer cap and hung it with some string. Not fancy - not pretty - BUT - I think of fresh beer off the Straub line at 8am and the fine people of St. Mary's, PA each time I put this on the tree. ;-)

So I challenge you all - to find an odd ornament and share it with all of us - can YOU beat my beer cap?


Cheryl said...

OMG - you have your tree up already? I am a FAILURE!

Well no, I'm a grouch, and our four foot tall (nobody will die if the cat/kids pull it over)plastic tree goes up the weekend before Christmas.

kelscraggly said...

I must go home and investigate....does my mom's tree count?!?!?

zilla said...

The coolest thing about Christmas trees is that they reflect the individuality of their erectors. I wouldn't trade my extra-prickly blue spruce for nothin' because I am an extra-prickly kind of girl. You, obviously, are a hypo-allergenic kind of girl.

Even though I can't compete with a beer cap ornament, I truly admire yours. I mean, what's the alternative? I could run home and uncork a bottle of wine, drill a hole through the cork and hang it on the tree, say I've had it for twenty years and pretend to be as cool and innovative as you, but everyone would see through it. So I'm not going to cheat, as much as I am tempted.

Chep, you have set the bar awfully high with that beer cap ornament. You're going to win this one, hands down.

Segue said...

Coal miner? I thought that was Darth Vader.

I'd participate, but I don't have a Christmas tree. Sorry.

Chep said...

Cheryl: Had to put it up - I hosted "bake day" this weekend and for the first time in 5 years someone got to see it!

Kelscraggly: I suppose your mom's tree would work - you still think you can beat me? I challenge you my long time friend...

'Zilla: I suppose you're right - this tree does really resemble my personality - eclectic, odd and well...a little lopsided!

Segue: Alrighty - no tree - how about the oddest decorations youi have seen in the area??? I KNOW I have seen some hideous light displays in KY. Down the street from my in-laws swank ass neighborhood. Goes to show no matter how much you pay for your house - you could still end up with trashy neighbors!

fineartist said...

I love the beer cap and the sandy ornament, they’re the bees Knees.

I tried to photograph my tree, my camera is CRAP, my tree looks like a iridescent nightmare. Christmas on acid….not that I would know or anything.

alpharat said...

I can beat your beer cap! I will have a post up on that later today or tomorrow.

Writer Mom said...

Hmmmm...Let me think on this.

Ya miss me?

Chep said...

I hand over the trophy to Alpharat. If you have not visited this site - check out the beer cap garland - it ROCKS!