Saturday, November 12, 2005

My assignment as requested

Writermom asks - and we deliver.

Let me explain WHY I chose the item I did.

This is Froggie. This is Peppercorn's FAVORITE toy. When she plays with Froggie - it makes me smile. There's nothing I enjoy more than being happy. SO - I guess this is my favorite inanimate object.

Oh yeah - don't laugh.


Writer Mom said...

Oh, Froggie! You are so cute! You could be in a children's book with Pepper.

Bravo, Chep-O-Licious. You HAVE delivered. I will have no problem thinking up a story about Froggie. Unless you want to. ;)
Maybe I'll get Jack to help.

zilla said...

Froggie! A-DOR-able! Is he homespun? Where can I get one?? Does he eat asparagus? Let's hope it's his favorite food!

kelscraggly said...

Fine work my friend....fine work. I should draw a hawkeye since they won yesterday...

The Jamoker said...

dog slobber???

have you asked Froggie what he/she/it thinks of the dog slobber?

seriously, it is a perfect copy of the original.

fineartist said...

Excellent job Chep, and I can see why pepper goes for it so much, froggy just has that look about it, like it’s beckoning to be squeezed, scrunched and nuzzled.

Man, this was fun, that writer mom, she’s the bees knees.

Xxx, Lori