Monday, May 01, 2006

Honesty - IT WORKS!

7 weeks ago my microwave died.

3 weeks ago Mr. Chep got me a new microwave. Amana Radarange with ALL the bells and whistles (on discount of course.) It's awesome. I don't even have to tell it how long to pop the popcorn - it just knows!

SO - when the old microwave died (7 weeks ago) I moved it to the doorway of our spare room and asked Mr. Chep to dispose of it.

That was 7 weeks ago. As of this morning it was still in the doorway.

Mr. Chep is leaving for a business trip tomorrow morning. He was rattling off a list of things he had to I included removing the microwave from the doorway in that list. He looked at me with the look that says "You have been nagging me for weeks and I haven't done it - you know there must be a reason."

So to that look I responded, "The reason I have been nagging you, is I really don't want you to go away on your trip, forget to get dispose of the microwave, and have me be mad for the entire time you are gone because I couldn't clean the spare room."

Know what? He removed the microwave.

No argument, no grumbling.

Putting it in perspective and being honest worked!


zilla said...

Hail, hail! The voice of reason! I'm going to try, "The reason I want you to scoop the dog poop daily, is so I don't have to watch where I'm walking when I haul sticks and leaves and grass clippings..." Oh -- wait. Tried that last year. Didn't work. Neither did, "The reason I want you to scoop the dog poop daily is so I don't have to watch your dog eat it, which disgusts me, and makes me not want to be around your dog." I need a new "reason." Suggestions?

Good job, Mr. Chep!!!

Carol said...

No, it doesn't. I have a telly in front of my patio doors from the playroom into the garden. It has been there since we got the new telly and moved all the others about. Can you send Mr Chep round to move it for me, please?