Friday, December 30, 2005

My Favorite Christmas Photos

This is my mother-in-law and Pepper - aren't they cute??

My sister and Pepper wearing the hat she gave her (dog isn't very happy)

Scuba Santa at the Newport, KY Aquarium


Writer Mom said...

What? No Pepper and Scuba Santa?

Pepper could so totally scuba dive.

Segue said...

Hey, you actually saw Scuba Santa! I posted a picture of him on my blog, but I stole mine from the web.


Chep said...

WM: Sorry to disappoint! I am sure she COULD scuba dive - but I am POSITIVE she would HATE it! She wouldn't go to the bathroom this morning because it was raining!

Segue: yeah - in-laws thought it would be a cool visit - too bad it was way crowded - still nice time though. They have made some nice improvements since we went there a few years back.