Friday, December 30, 2005

Home again.....

36 Hours ago I returned home from our 5 state holiday tour and I am already back at work. My house is a disaster. We are talking hard core pit. I am praying that Mr. Chep will find the energy to clean it today (he is off until next Tuesday).

It was great seeing all the family - but the highlight was lunch in Plainfield with Writermom, Dental Dad, Jack and Pickles. I hated leaving them (no this does not mean I am moving back to Indiana. Kelscraggly so put your knife down). I sure do miss you guys!

My laptop was being uncooperative last night which is why I hadn't posted last night. Hopefully I can tell my Christmas stories a little later.


zilla said...

Ooooh, lunch with the WriterMom clan... I am SO jealous!

Glad you made it home safely.

Happy New Year!

Writer Mom said...

Someone needs to explain to Tom just how important it is for me to keep up on my reading!!

We were so happy to see you, Chep. And Mr. Chep. And you're little dog, too!
Happy New Year!!!