Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Southern Memories

Although a little blurry - this is a photo taken when I spent some time in South Carolina on business a few years ago.

It's a giant Peach (in case you couldn't tell)

I visited with my friend "E" today, he took me out to dinner (where I received a lesson on the difference between Broasted, fried and deep fried chicken.) Little did I know Iowans take such pride in their cooking fat! "E" reminds me often I am so Yankee!

As we sat and enjoyed our broasted chicken we chatted about southern food. I was reminded of the 6 weeks I spend in Duncan, SC. It wasn't until working in the south that I realized the true difference between the northern and southern states. I had visted other states before, but hadn't spent this much time working in another area.

When I moved to Iowa, I noticed a pretty big difference in the work ethic, and the pace that people worked, but other than that, people were similar....just a little nicer than NW Indiana.

South Carolina was a TOTAL change in what I was used to.

While working in Duncan, my main job was to hire employees for a facility we staffed. I was not prepared for the different culture of the area.

People called me maame.
There were people that looked at the table when answering questions (like I was "above" them)
They ate their peanuts BOILED (which I didn't care for)
They ate their pickles fried (which I actually miss)
They had fried pig skin (or fat, can't remember - but it was gross)
They put coleslaw on their BBQ (which I still do to this day)
And the smell of Magnolia still makes me think of those HOT spring days.

Some people have the opportunity to be world travelers. I have been to the Caribbean when I was younger- but I have found that it's a different world just a few states south!


zilla said...

Man, your comments are sticky today. This is my third attempt to tell you that that is one gimongous peach!

Presonally, I like Hoosiers -- and all midwesterners, really. I also like southerners, except I hear the chicks tend not to leave the house without make-up, and I could never live that way, being a chick who rarely wears make-up.

Pacific northwesterners are very laid back ... smooth energy. I dig 'em.

It's one of the best aspects of our country, isn't it? So many different landscapes and lifestyles and attitudes. I love the US.

Dang,that peach is HUGE!

Chep said...

Z: I had a comment all written then lost it! SO I know your issues with Blogger.

You are correct - that is one giant peach - in fact is the world's largest!

I have found that the majority of midwesterners are really down to earth with the exception of some Illini and Boilermakers *WINK* (for all my Big Ten readers) I have spent enough time in Michigan and Minnesota to know that if I didn't live here, Chicagoland or Indy I would definately choose to live there!

One day I will make it more west than Iowa - can't say I know much about them, but you are correct about the southern women, they are ALWAYS made up.

Indeed the differences within the states makes our country great!

fineartist said...

I hear ya girl, I used to live, I mean stay, in Nacogdoches Texas, where we mashed buttons and if we were feeling particularly scrappy we were fixen to throw down, and not fight.

Deap fat fried fat, now that's something I want to get my lips all around, heehehe.

xx, Lori

Rain said...

I love southern people, they are so nice and friendly. On the east coast people can be so cold and rude. You can live near someone for years and they will act like they don't know you when they see you. I'd like to move back. I agree with the observation about the makeup too.

Mama Chep said...

This is your mother....what IS the difference between broasted, fried and deep fried chicken???