Sunday, June 18, 2006

Top 10 Reasons My Dad Kicks A**

  • 10. He looks like William Shatner.
  • 9. He gave me his denim blue eyes.
    8. He taught me how to play golf (My ability should not reflect his teaching skills...)
  • 7. No one makes a better pancake!
    6. He's a smooth operator
    5. He embraces all types of music (yes even RAP...well at least the song "You Can't Touch This")
    4. He supported his kids in all their ventures
    3. He has the uncanny ability to turn cardboard into a million different objects...such as this dragon!
    2. He can "bust a move" better than most!
    1. He made me who I am!

  1. Thanks for everything dad! I miss and love you!

Happy Father's Day!


zilla said...

What a hip daddy-o! Love the dragon!

Love "You Can't Touch This."

Wish parachute pants would come back in style!!!

Anonymous said...

Your dad looks more like William "Tryin to take a"-Crapner

fineartist said...

Chep's dad is the bomb dang digity, yep he's the shizzle. (Shizzle is my word for the week, so I have to over use the heck out of it.)

Carol said...

Your Dad sounds great. Lucky you :)

Rain said...

What a wonderful post about your dad. You are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have a daughter who appreciates him.