Monday, June 19, 2006

Relay for Life - Walk for a Cure

June 16 and 17 was the Linn County (Iowa) Relay for Life.

The Relay for Life it is an overnight walk designed to raise money and awareness about cancer. The walk in Linn County was from 7:00pm - 10:00am and over the past 16 years has raised over 2 million dollars for the American Cancer Society.

As you may or may not know I was part of the entertainment committee - helping to get mascots, prizes, and local police and fire departments on site at the event. I also was a participant in the Relay walking approximately 5-6 hours. Some of those hours I was on "Prize Patrol" but 2.25 hours (2:45AM - 5:00AM) was spent walking non-stop.

This year, our event raised $310,ooo - our best event to date and I have many of you to thank.

My goal was $100. Not a large amount, but as my mother pointed out: I'm not good at raising money.

Well the generosity of my Blogger friends proved this to be untrue.

Not only did I reach that $100 goal.....I exceeded it, by raising a total of $195.00!! *Second highest on my team I might add*

BIG THANKS go out to my supporters...thank you ALL for your donation to the fight against cancer.

WriterMom (the most supportive friend a girl could have)
Jack (son of WriterMom and the coolest kid I know)
Zilla (the hippest chic on the block)
Fine Artist (world traveler and incredible artist)
"K"- Sista Chep (my awesome kid sista)
Mama Chep (the lady who made me the girl I am...thanks mom!)
Miss "A" at Hamilton College ($70 from bottles and cans collected over the course of the year)

The event had bands, clowns, magicians...even a Dude looks like a lady contest! One of our team members entered....and I must say was the prettiest man out there!

Thanks again to EVERYONE for their donations and support for the American Cancer Society!


zilla said...

Wouldja check out the gazongas on that dude!

I could so swing both ways right now. Or I could swing a way and a half, because, she really is a dude, right? Or is he? Gosh, she looks so natural! With the lift and separation he (He? Right? She is a he?) must be wearing the Playtex 18-hour Bra. Man, what I wouldn't give to be able to pull off a dress like that! By "pull off," of course, I mean "wear." As much as I'd like to see this guy nekkid, he'd have to pull of his own dress, which he is! Or she is!

I will need years of intensive therapy after this post.

Thanks, Chep. Thanks a lot.

And kudos on your involvement with ACS. Your time, talent, and a little bit of dough go a long way toward making the world a better place.

Writer Mom said...

You do make the world a better place. Proud to know ya!