Monday, November 21, 2005

The end of an era

I found out today that my favorite pizza joint in my hometown is closing for business. I actually make the trek back to NWIN for their pizza every few months. Just because I miss it.

It now appears that I will have to go elsewhere for NWIN style pizza.

It's been a sad day. Oh yeah and I found 2 more grey hairs. Urgh.

I'm hitting the sack. Tomorrow has got to be a little better.



Segue said...

That's too bad. You should have eaten there more often :P

What's the place called?

kelscraggly said...

Wat chu talkin' 'bout Willis?!?!?!

zilla said...

Screw the gray hairs, woman! Your HOMETOWN PIZZA PLACE IS GONE?!?!?!?!

We need to have a ceremony, a send-off, some sort of emotional closure.

Oddly enough, whenever I order pizza these days, I have to look up the number EVERY TIME. Yet, somehow I remember my HOMETOWN PIZZA PLACE'S number: 313-659-9064. Roger's Pizza.

Damn. I could really go for a mushroom & onion thin-crust pizza and a Miller Lite for old time's sake.

Sniff. I so feel your pain.

Writer Mom said...

Miller Lite in a pitcher!

With Skid Row playing in the background.

Chep said...

Zuni's - it's a local establishment that serves the finest 'za and great beer. They are selling out to the Mexicans. I guess next time I go out it will be for salsa and margaritas. that I think about it not so bad. But this one last time for beer - cuz ma said their pizza is made by someone else and it sucks so they are taking me to my second favorite place in town.

Oh yeah did I mention Lowell is a town of about 7,585 people. It has 7 pizza joints.

fineartist said...

Wonder if they would part with the recipe, and technique?

Reminds me, (oh puke, see how I made this about me?) have you ever heard of Mexican Villa restaurants? Oh man they make the most kick axe enchilada style burrito in the flippen’ world. I’m thinking Segue is right, and I need to get my ass to MV pronto….

Sorry about your pangs of pizza pain…I understand completely. Deepest sympathies, XXX, Lori

Chep said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts - we have another joint that is pretty good and we had that this weekend. It wasn't bad.....

Can't say I have heard of the Mexican Villa restaurants. Iowa has a ton of authentic mexican - and that's what Mr. Chep likes - so we eat there since he is picky!