Monday, December 19, 2005

It came today!!!

It came today!
It came today!

I mentioned to my husband that some people were waiting to open their gifts until Christmas Eve.

Since we are leaving early for the holidays (Thursday) I decided that I would open mine now.

He decided that wouldn't be appropriate If other people had to wait then I had to wait. Therefore he tried to hold it hostage.
I threatened to hold something else hostage if he didn't get it down from the top of the closet.

Needless to say I got my wish.

And I opened my package.

And to my surpise I got this beautiful (and artistic I might add) needlepoint! It is awesome! I love it!

I am going to hang it on my tree for now and then find a nice place for it in my house. If only the sender would have given me their name!!

Any way - thank you "Santa"!

**PS took me a minute to figure out how on earth my Secret Santa knew my nickname was "Chep" Guess I forgot I refer to myself as "Chep" on occasion!**


Rain said...

I am so getting in on this santa thing next year :)

Chep said...

Rain: It was good times you so should!

Writer Mom said...

I think it's very funny that your incredibly tall husband put your package on a shelf out of your reach.
And that you threatened no sex to get it down.

Segue said...

Uh, I think we ALL call you "Chep" in blog-land, don't we?

Man, everyone is opening their presents already, and I don't even have one yet.


Segue said...

Oh, I just scrolled down to the next post, and found out your name is "C. Hepner"... Now I understand!

I thought "Chepner" was your last name or something.

fineartist said...

That needle point pillow is cool as heck. I love it, and the hostage thing, hahahhhahhahha, you go girl.