Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sock Doggie - Protector of Evil

Most of you have met Froggie. He was featured on a previous post as a model for our sketch project that Writermom gave us moons ago.

Meet Sock Doggie. Protector of Evil.

This was Sock Doggie's post this morning.

Sgt. Pepper strategically places her "soldiers" at unprotected entries to the house. Apparently she found the kitchen a particularly vulnerable location this morning.

I assure you this photo was not staged (as was the floating face in the bottle of beer on self-portrait Tuesday (good call Jamoker but you must admit kinda cool)

Anyway - in order to get the first photo Mr. Chep had to relocate Sock Doggie. For this, Sock Doggie had to pay the price. Sgt. Pepper does not tolerate insubordiation, even if it is approved by Major Chep. This was the price Sock Doggie had to pay for insubordination.

Slacking on the job is just not tolerated.

It's a good thing Sock Doggie doesn't run my office - or we would all be covered in dog spit!


fineartist said...

Sock doggy is so cute. We do that too, find little cute stuffed animals and let the dog chew on them. Kind of freaks me out a little.

Moses has a lamb, I’ll have to photograph him if I can get it away from the dog. He’s very protective of his lamb, he wont play fetch with lamb. Well, he’ll go get him but will not bring him back.

I’m going to HAVE to get Moses fixed, he is a little too friendly with lamb sometimes. I wont go into anymore detail. Glad? Heh.

Sgt. Pepper is plum glossy. Xxx, Lori

The Jamoker said...

hey, I was just kidding about the pshop thing...who knew it was true???

Writer Mom said...

That dog is seriously too damn smart!
And you are one witty chica.