Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bunnies, Cigars and Wings....

Jamoker had a great post where he put it all on the table. To defend her husband's honor Writer Mom came back with her Jamoker Exposed post.

I had one great one - it embarasses us all. Me, Mama and Papa Chep and my kid sister K.

Now I DO have a good photo of Kelscraggly more FUNNY than embarrassing. I am frightened of what she might post but I am going to take a chance and throw it up anyway. It's not that bad - in fact we commonly referred to it as "The Lewinski Pic".

But by far the best picture I have is of my sister K sporting our favorite hair of the '80's. Don't hate me K - at least it's not the crib pic!

Can't forget the dog....

OK - one more.

That's all folks!!!


Writer Mom said...

K needs to get a blog and show some nudey pictures of her big sis!

Kelscrags picture will probably remind Jamoker of a similar shot...But it was PRE-Lewinski. I was just trying to be 'liberated female.'

Is Mr. Chep passed out in the bottom pic?

Why did DAD escape the bunny ears? Was he the bunny pimp? (that was probably too far, wasn't it? My apologies, Papa Chep.)

Pepper has the right to poo in your shoe!

Chep said...

UM...I plead the 5th on the comment about the last photo in the collection. We won't be telling Mr. Chep about the photo being posted!

OH and I have a pic of K in the buff I chose not to post it. Liked the wings better anyhow!

zilla said...


(I'm running out to buy a blue dress.)

zilla said...

Just stopped back to search for the box top addy. Had to giggle at the bunny pics first. I was a bunny for my first Halloween & wore those same exact ears poking through a big straw hat. Shades of things to come: ended up just about as fecund as a rabbit with four kids!

Love the 80's hair! It MUST MAKE A COME-BACK!!!

fineartist said...

I love your parents, hey hows come dad's not wearing bunny ears?

These are great, your poor dog.

And, just what in the heck is Mr Chep doing anyway? Heeeeeeeeeee.

Loved these.