Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ah yes. The 10 million dollar question of this morning.

I went to the doctor yesterday because I have had a sore throat for about 4 days (not sore...Irritating - sore like...Please God don't make me thirsty because the fluid HURTS LIKE HELL going down!) I thought it was a severe ear infection (yes Mr. Chep and I have had them that bad) but it turns out it is either Strep throat or Mono. HMM....can you say...lesser of 2 evils?

Remember I am leaving for vacation in 3 days....

So this morning I awoke with a burning throat (as if 8 hours of antibiotics will kill what ails me) and I lay there pondering - do I go? Do I stay?

I fondly remember the day before (after my doctor's visit) my friends at work making their index finger crosses in my direction (with the exception of Lego that wanted me to kiss her if I had mono - apparently she lost 14 lbs last time she had it.) This memory was enough to convince me to call my boss and let him know that I was not going to make it in. OH yeah and I also did extensive research on the internet about the ailments - you know trying to diagnose myself before the doctor does...you've been there. Don't lie.

Well the stay at home proved to be in my favor.

You all know that I am leaving for beautiful Nestor Falls, Ontario (that's Canada for the geographically challenged) on Friday. We stay at a resort owned by the Uncle and Aunt of my dear friend "E".

ANYWAY....as I am nearly asleep on the couch watching pompous and Blonde - LIVE the phone rings. Arrowhead Resort? I am suddenly sick to my stomach.

"What if they accidentally overbooked and they are telling us since we haven't been coming up as long as the other guy that booked it we don't get the cabin."

Strangely - not too far from the truth of the call. Only - we still have A cabin. Just not the cabin we thought.

The cabin we had reserved is the smallest in the camp. It sleeps 2, it's a studio and frankly there isn't a lot to it. No bells, no whistles, just a place to sleep while we cruise the lake fishing. OH yeah and did I mention - it's the cheapest one.

So Clyde tells me that another guy had this cabin reserved awhile back and then decided to cancel. Well...now he has changed his mind and wants to stay for 3 weeks. He wants to know if he can move us to another cabin.

If any of you know me at all, I am a "pleaser" (some people call us pushovers...but whatever.) So I tell Clyde...sure, but we really aren't prepared to pay for the other cabin (which by the way is a 3 bedroom right on the lake, 2 doors down from the beach.) So he agrees that he will let us stay in the larger cabin - at the same cost! Clyde then proceeds to tell me that the fish are bitin' and the weather is great - so it should be a good trip. I feel like it's Christmas!

So now we have this big ole cabin, on the lake, for the same cost of the studio with a "view" of the lake. Not a bad deal.

Mr. Chep has already said he make fork over a little more for the bigger cabin - just because the owners are good people.

Good thing I chose to stay home.


Anonymous said...

Ok let's get the facts straight here! It was 17 lbs! I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better! And glad to know that you don't have the bird flu! Ughhhh Ughhh Denny!

zilla said...

Hang onto your dough, Mr Chep. This sort of thing happens all the time, and they're already ahead of the game if you agree to the more deluxe cabin at the same cost as the less deluxe cabin, as opposed to you deciding not to go. Just enjoy the little gift that fate has dropped in your laps.

Now. Shake that nasty throat-bug pronto, and have great vacation! Catch me a lunker & fry it up in butter! Yum!

zilla said...

Dang! Just clicked the Arrowhead link. You're gonna need those extra bedrooms! Come on gang, we're crashing Chep's fishing trip!!!

Carol said...

Great news! What a stroke of luck.