Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Food for Thought

My friend Lego and I had McD's for lunch today.

While we were enjoying our Big Mc's a group of painters walked in.

Lego asked, "Why do think painter's wear white?"

So after much discussion - I decided to ask. These were the answers they gave:
  • "We are actually part-time doctors"
  • "Not sure, so we can tell what color we are painting?"
  • "Because that's how it's always been"

Because that's how it's always been? What's up with that? I did some research and found a few answers. But I'm curious.....

What's your theory?


zilla said...

Now here's a question I never would have thought to ask!

Having come across several, I have gotten to know only two professional painters in my life. One was working in a duplex I rented (he was hired by the contractor who built the duplex); the other was working at the house I've been remodelling (she was hired by the contractor). Here's the thing: neither wore white.

The painter at the duplex wore jeans & tee & baseball cap.

The painter at my project wore jeans & tee and bandana scarf.

AND -- both paint jobs were impeccable -- flawless!

I'm thinking that the painters in white garb are mere posers -- the kind of painters who use masking tape instead of cutting in with a high quality brush and a skilled hand.

That's just my theory.

PS: I still have boxtops -- saving them for the next WIN!

Mama Chep said...

Yeah Zilla!!! The boxtops you send are great~!! By the way, I also asked about painters wearing white....the guy said it was a union rule that they wear white....he couldn't give a good reason other than 'the union says'...Thanks again for saving the boxtops.......Mama Chep

zilla said...

I've got a whole nother collection going over here, Mama Chep. After the announcement that you'd already won, I decided to hang onto them through the summer. Yippee!

And OMG, my contractors have been subcontracting scab painters! Is that bad, if I know that the non-union workers are working for good bosses and for a good wage?

Sarah said...

I don't know. hmph. now you've got me thinking...

I know when I was an art undergrad I wore my over-sized men's white button down shirt/smock - complete with oil paints stains, splats, and smears - with great pride.

maybe it's a pride thing.
maybe they're proud to paint and show the world they paint.

p.s. happy belated birthday :o)