Monday, July 03, 2006

Is this WWII? No it's Indiana.

It's 9:00am. There is a loud BOOM in the distance. I am starting feel like I am living in an episode of M*A*S*H.

July 1, 2006, Indiana made it not only legal to purchase fireworks in the state, but to blow off your hand...I mean shoot them off.

If you are wondering to what I am referring; Indiana was always able to SELL fireworks, but before your purchase you were asked to sign a waiver stating that you were going to leave the state to shoot them off **wink.** (Illinois it's legal to shoot them off but not possess - hence the millions of firework stands along the Indiana/Illinois border)

Not the case this year.

Saturday night we spent most of our time indoors, so the sound of the M-80 wasn't noticed (actually we were up in the "ghetto" so often I thought they were gunshots.) We did notice on our drive home an unusual amount of neighborhood fireworks being blasted into the air, but thought nothing of it.

Sunday morning there was an article in the paper describing what fireworks give you the most BANG for your buck...which fizzle - which flop; including a note saying that fireworks were now legal in the greate state of Indiana.

Sunday afternoon the fire sirens in the town of Lowell went off 4 times. Papa Chep was driving through town and went by one of the THOUSANDS of firework stands and saw 2 police cars and an ambulance.

Something tells me next year there will be a town ordinance against shooting fireworks off in town. Until then, wake up Indiana to the sound of bottle rockets and firecrackers....IT'S LEGAL!


kelscraggly said...

Wow, I never knew that we were buying and shooting off illegal fireworks in southern indiana...our cops must not give a crap.

Rain said...

good thing they didn't legalize anything else ;)

zilla said...

it's the bang, bang, bangiest season of all.

honestly, I could do without the explosions.

Beer's cool, and cook-outs are cool, and one fireworks display on the 4th in any municipality that can afford to put it on -- that's cool, too, as long as I don't have to go. Seriously, things have been exploding here for a week now, and I'm frappin' OVER it.


What're you doing tonight?

Writer Mom said...

All right, so I'm over a week late.

And naturally, we were in Michigan for all the fireworks, which I think is legal, although they're always warning about forest fires and such.

How was your FOURTH???