Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Old Salt at Da Cell

Chicago White Sox 2006
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We have returned!

This Friday was the day when we took my Grandfather (85 years young) to his first "big league" ball game. This photo may not prove it - but he was thrilled.

The game started at 7:30pm and ended 11:00pm. By the time we got was 1:30am. Grandpa never fell asleep. I think he was still reeling from the experience.

There were 2 homeruns hit during the game (a HUGE thrill for Grandpa) 2 broken bats....but the score was not in our favor.

White Sox: 4
Twins: 5

It wasn't the score we wanted - but seeing my grandfather's face when Konerko hit the first homerun of the game.....priceless.

It was worth every penny.


zilla said...

Your grandpa's expression of excitement is exactly the expression my grandpa used to wear. He's not of scottish descent, by chance, is he?

Good job giving Grandpa a real treat, Chep. You're a special granddaughter.

Rain said...

yeah, you are a sweet grandaughter!

Writer Mom said...

You are very special.

And how cute does he look in his White Sox T-shirt??
He's hunky, actually, if I may say.

Too bad about the score, but ah well. Do they still do the wave at ball games? I haven't been to one since 1984. I remember doing the wave with my Grandpa a dozen times. It was one of my best childhood experiences.
Grandpas are great.