Monday, October 23, 2006

We wonder why dogs bite

Check me OUT!
Originally uploaded by Chepner.
My sister bought this outfit for Pepper a few years ago.

Each year I try to put it on her. Each year the screenplay is the same.

**On the floor playing with the dog trying to divert her attention from the outfit on the table.***

Eventually I corner the dog and get the hat on her head.

Chep: Come here pepper!


Chep: Pepper come here and show daddy how cute you are!

(Pepper: if you think I am going ANYWHERE in this rediculous outfit you're as crazy as you look)

Chep: OK - I will come and take your picture in the hallway then

(Pepper: Whatever dude - just take the damn photo and get this sh** off me!)

Mr Chep: Poor Pepper - come here I will take that off your head

Chep: NO! I want to take her picture! She can take it off in a minute!

Mr Chep: Whatever

(Pepper: Male Master! I thought you were on my side you snot bag.)

Chep: OK - you can take it off now

(Pepper: Thank goodness!) ***proceeds to swipe at her head until the witch hat falls off***



zilla said...

No offense, Chep, but if I were Pepper, I would leave a little poo on your carpet. Not a big, full-sized poo -- just something maybe milkdud sized to let you know, gently, that I think I would prefer an orange wig next time. The pink is nice, and, I know I should be grateful for any wig at all, but I feel orange would compliment my eyes better.

You are having way too much fun!

Rain said...

Pepper looks a bit perturbed :)