Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've Been Hibernating


I've been hibernating.

Not sure why, no real reason...just been trying to limit the computer time at home so I can reduce the headaches. It seems to have worked!

So in my time away I have learned a few things....

I learned that if you tell people that you are collecting boxtops for education for a poor school - no matter where it is - people want to help! If you want to help you can mail them directly to Mama Chep's school!

Here's the address:

Linda Hogan - Lake Ridge Middle School - 3601 W. 41st Avenue - Gary, IN - 46408

I also learned that I CAN do Thanksgiving! My in-laws came to Iowa and we celebrated here. It was nice having them here to visit!

I also learned that you don't try new recipes ON Thanksgiving. It's easier to BUY bread than make it! :-)

I'm sorry I haven't been online....I am working on getting back. I promise...sometime soon.

Until then - happy shopping!


zilla said...

Oh, pooh! I sent them to you!

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I missed cooking this year -- not the work so much, but all of the yummy smells wafting through the house.

I hope your head is feeling better soon.

Rain said...

I hope you find some more time to blog, if you enjoy it. Good that you know you can do thanksgiving. I think all women can, it's in our genes. Cook very large meal for a lively group and then clean up. How fun, we thrive on this activity. I got to eat at someones house for a change, so that was easy. I brought something, no big deal.

Yes Happy shopping, I've got to get to work on mine.

Rain said...

Just dropping in to say Happy Holidays, talk to you when you are done hibernating :)

Writer Mom said...

Merry Christmas!!!

zilla said...

Remember that envelope of boxtops I sent to your PO Box? They finally came back, like the week before Christmas. I'll get my poop in a group and slap a new address label on 'em with the correct address.

Just thought I'd let you know I'm not a total flake :-)