Thursday, October 20, 2005

Arranger vs Pack Rat

I am an Arranger. I like things orderly. If someone moves my stapler - I move it back. Today I reorganized my filing system - again - and I enjoyed it.

They say there is a condition for my behavior - OCD. I can live with that. What I can't live with is: the Pack Rat and it's aftermath.

The photo above closely resembles many of the faculty desks at the college. For obvious reasons I avoid their offices as often as I can - for fear I might start to clean.

They are currently relocating to an office where they have smaller "personal" space. One of the instructors (who shall remain nameless) cleared most of his office today - and the amount of crap he removed from his current (5'x5') space greatly disturbed me.

Below is a short list of the items he had to take home:

  • 1 - 24 can case of Coke
  • 1 - 24 bottle case of Coke
  • 1 crockpot - with crusty food still located at the bottom
  • 3 calendars
  • 3 shot glasses
  • 2 coffee mugs

The sad part about this list: I didn't know he had ANY of it in his office until today.

This is what frightens me when my parents pass. They too are pack rats. I asked my mother 7 years ago for a cappuccino maker. She still hasn't found it. She mentioned she would give it to me when she found it. Still waiting. I wonder how long it will be......

This is a small example of my mother's obsession.....know what this room needs? An ass load of nutcrackers!


Writer Mom said...

You will never have to worry about getting any nuts cracked during the holidays!
This is particularly funny, because both of my children keep saying, "Son of a nutcracker!!!" Saw it off an ELF promo. Naturally, that stuck.
Anyway, you're on, lady. Give us some of the greatests hits.

Writer Mom said...

Chep, you genius...I'm stealing your idea, and blogging about it.