Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The things we leave behind

When relocating to new areas leaving family and friends can be the most difficult part of the move.

The In-laws

The family....

One of the most difficult things we had to endure when moving to Iowa was what we left behind. Don't get me wrong - there is something to be said for distance between family members (mom doesn't call every other day to have us fix a computer or remove some dead animal from under their porch - but that's for another time). I will say that times like those in the photos cannot be enjoyed as often; however when we do see each other the time is well spent.

So how have we coped from being far from family? We have made our own.

This is part of our Iowa family - and we hope to add more! We have an Indiana import (Scraggly), a Georgia return (ELK) and an Iowa lifer (Whit). Sure they will never fully replace our family - but they do help fill the void - and make you feel a little closer to home.

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The Jamoker said...

Space is always a good thing.