Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Boxtop Challenge Update

Well I have received my VERY FIRST installment of boxtops!


Zilla was the first to respond with a whopping 61 boxtops!
So the results are:
Zilla: 61
Chepner: 36
YOU: ?
Just remember every top gives 10 cents to Lake Ridge Middle School in Gary, Indiana.
For more information about the challenge please visit my previous post.


Mama Chep said...

Can't thank you enough....the kids will be so excited tomorrow when I tell them.......!!!!!
Mama Chep

Writer Mom said...

We've been working on it. Had to suffer through a pan of brownies, but we'll do what we've gotta do to help!

Chep said...

Ah yes - we suffered through pre packaged was hard but we do what we can! ;-)

zilla said...

Thank God that flimsy envelope didn't bust open!

It didn't arrive postage due, did it??

Chep said...


No it did not - it arrived perfectly! You ROCK!