Sunday, February 12, 2006

Our first date!

Yes Olive Garden and As Good As It Gets.

Mr. Chep came to the door all dressed up. He went out and purchased some dress clothes (on his college budget that was a big deal) and brought me roses.

Up to this point most of our outings were inexpensive. We watched movies at my apartment or we hung out at Purdue. This was the first time we "went out". But then again - it had only been 2 weeks since we had our first outing (NYE didn't count).

It was this night (2/13/98) that I realized that Mr. Chep was "the one." How you might ask?

Well late that evening I got a phone call from a former "boyfriend" - Bill. Bill and I had dated the summer after I graduated college. He and I had a special relationship that ended when he went back to school for months after he left I was heartbroken. The night he leftI told him that he would call one day after he realized he had made a mistake - and it would be too late.

Well Valentine's Day Eve 1998 was that night. When he asked if I was dating anyone - I answered "Yes". He asked if it was serious. I answered "Yes". He asked if I thought he was "the one". Without even thinking - I said "Yes". I told him I had to go - I never heard from Bill again.

It never even crossed my mind to go back to Bill. I had waited for a long time for that call - and when it came - it didn't matter. I had found my soulmate.


zilla said...

Ain't no way in hell-o Mr. Z & I are going to live up to this Valentine's story.

But that's OKAY!


You two lovebirds have a fabulous V-day.

Matt said...

awe, i love this story... this is the way love works... i'm so glad you found the right one, HUGS!!

Writer Mom said...

I loved this, too!

It's a great topic...the AFTER call. I've had a few of those...the calls that came too late. You can tell your heartbroken friends that it'll happen, but like you say, by the time it does, it doesn't matter any more.
I also loved this because Mr. Chep is so great. I vaguely remember Bill stories...I DIG Mr. Cheppers.

AND, TOM and I had our first 'out and about' date at The Olive Garden, too!! Did you guys chuckle when the waitress asked if you'd like VIRGIN olive oil on your salad? Obviously, Tom and I had our minds on things other than croutons. ;) My mind translated Tom's response to the waitress as, "I am still a virgin." And I said, "You ARE???" with disappointment in my tone.
"Um..." What a rock and a hard place.
Speaking of, our first movie was "The Rock."

And YOU TWO Rock. I'm very happy you found each other.

fineartist said...

Poor old bill, but you did warn him. It's like they say, what is meant to be will be...or something like that. I loved that show, I love, Lori