Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How do you irritate the dog?

Go on vacation. Leave her at her friend's house.

Don't get me wrong - the dog LOVES to go to Uncle E's. I mention his name and she perks right up. Uncle E has 10 dogs (currently has 18 at the house because of the 8 Aussie Puppies.) He allows my dog to sleep on the bed with him and one of his favorite Yorkies.

She came home last night. Tired. And pissed - at me of course. I took her to Uncle E's so of course I am to blame.

Tonight she is loving on me as I watch the Olympics (yeah that's what has been distracting me) so I apologize....I'll be back soon. Promise.


Rain said...

It's nice to hear that you are watching the Olympics, it seems like a lot of people are making fun of it lately. ("Real" sports people).

Also glad there is someone who has more dogs than me :)

Writer Mom said...

Hiya! So you went on your trip LAST weekend?

How did it go?

Give Pepsy a kiss for me.