Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Birthday Wish

Today one of my best friends turns 32!
Happy Birthday WriterMom!
Since we couldn't be with you on your special day I thought I would share some of my favorite photos of our times together.
What a beautiful bride!
Beer? Not us!
The only person who has gotten me this close to horse since I was 8.
Damn I miss the Lion. Don't you?
Girls night out!

I miss and love you!


Rain said...

What is that large object Writer Mom is weilding in the second to last pic? Is she blowing glass? Is it some kind of hookah? A wacky beer mug? do tell.

Chep said...

Rain: The large object Writermom is wielding is a yard glass at one of our favorite bars in B-ton. It is actually a 3ft glass full of beer.

No one said we weren't good times!

Writer Mom said...

CHEP!!! How did I miss this???

I love you, too.

Oh, lord. That girl's night out picture! Look at us with our tied on flannels. And I'm sweating like a sweaty girl.

WOO HOO!!! I really miss the yards!!! Again soon, I hope. I need some blarney puff balls, too.

(Hugs and Kisses)

The Jamoker said...

I miss The Lion too..

good pics!

Sarah said...

aw!! great shots :o)

you two are the cutest...

fineartist said...

I was going to ask if writer mom was drinking bong water....nasty...and, just kidding.

These pics are incredible...just awesome.

shorty said...

I miss the lion, too.