Sunday, February 26, 2006

Olympic Clowns?

As I sit and watch the final ceremonies for the Winter 2006 Olympics I find myself a little "creeped out.

Don't get me wrong - the Games final ceremony was fun, beautiful and full of the spirit of the Olympics.

But I have to ask? Why all the clowns?


Matt said...

okay, i'll be the walking encyclopedia here for a second... ha ha... actually during the 16th century the Commedia dell' Arte was a huge Italian thing (it's where the characters Harlequin and Pantelone come from, both associated with clowns). If you're interested you can check out:


i love the wikipedia, you can look up everything and learn more!!

I know, i know... too much information... LOL but just between you and me, i find clowns mostly creepy too!! Avril Lavigne was looking great though at the closing ceremonies!!

The Jamoker said...

agreed. clowns are creepy.

Mama Chep said...

Just a quick note to all of you saving boxtops for education....the new contest has begun and will conclude the first week in please continue to save...thanks
Mama Chep

Carol said...

Interesting. I am currently reading a book called The Traveller about a group of people needing protected, and the name of the group protecting them? Harlequins!

I wonder what I need to learn from this?

Writer Mom said...

Theatre is filled with Harlequins.

Originally, when someone made bunny fingers behind a guy's head, it meant he was a cuckhold...his wife was getting boinked without his knowledge. That's something else I learned in theatre.

CHEP! The clown scares me, but the horse is pretty.

Carol said...

Slightly OT, but here is a link to some pix of our snow. Hope you like them!

zilla said...

Note to Mama Chep: another envelope of box tops is in the works. Same PO Box, right?

Clowns are always creepy. ::shudders

Mama Chep said...

Colleen...I can get you cheap White Sox tickets....check your e-mail for details.......

Mama Chep said...

Three cheers for Zilla!!!!! Thank you so students are incredulous
Mama Chep

zilla said...

Where O where has our Chepner gone, where O where can she be?

Miss ya, girl. Post for us soon!

Hugs hugs hugs

Rain said...

um, it's been March for awhile now. Your blog is still in Feb! Just kidding, hope you are doing fine.