Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where or where has Chepner gone????

In and out of the doctor....much fun.

I have come to realize that some doctors have the bedside manner of a bull in a china shop. (That's a Mama Chep phrase!)

Why - I ask does a PhD in medicine allow you to approach everything with absolutely no feeling? I have spent the last few weeks trying to overcome the visits to the doctor and find a way to digest the information with a positive spin. Needless to say - it's taking time.

I am sorry that I have been neglecting all of you.

I appreciate all of your kind words and your concerns. I just haven't had the mindset to put anything "on screen" if you will.

This has been a very long and hard road - and it could take awhile for me to get "back in the groove" but I will - I promise.

In the meantime - thanks for checking in on me - I'll be back with more soon.

OH and in the meantime - be sure to save your Boxtops!

When you have some to send please send them to:

Chepner's Boxtop Challenge
PO Box 9792
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


Mama Chep said...

Welcome back....I'm sure everyone has missed you......I did!!!!

Rain said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. I've had a few jerk doctors in my life too. If possible fire him and get a new one. I hope you will be ok soon. Take care, get well.

Carol said...

Thinking of you, sweetie. Look forward to when you feel ready to come back :)

Writer Mom said...

Sent the Box Tops this morning.

Glad to see you.

zilla said...

Still saving tops for a full envelope, girl. I actually bought one of those bubble mailers last time I was at Staples, so I won't be torturing you with yards and yards of reinforcing package tape this time.

Needles suck. All things clinical suck. I'm sorry you're having to get poked and repoked. We're crossing fingers for happy results, always. I'm glad you've shared the reason for your laying low, Chep. Hang in there.